Relate365 Courses

What Can You Expect? 

Personal growth in God’s Word, better communication skills, understanding of your behaviors, reduced fear and anxiety, increased ability to set relational goals and achieve them, sense of confidence in dealing with others, and ability to love others and receive love.

Beyond Belief Curriculum

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The core curriculum of Relate365 designed to change your life. 
The heart believes lies that causes broken relationships that results from negative behaviors.  But, God’s truth sets you free from the lies the heart believes. You are acceptable, significant and secure in God’s eyes. 


Sample of The Heart's Desire Series

SERIES I: THE HEART's Desire $34.95

The heart guards our belief systems which results in our behaviors being the way we are.  The first step in understanding why behave the way we do, is to understand how the heart works. This section of the Beyond Belief course teaches us how the heart works.