Debating the Critical Issues of our Time

Our nation is at a serious crossroad with some big decisions to make.  Politically the gulf between Conservative and Liberal has grown big, nasty and probably no longer reconcilable, meaning compromise is probably a thing of the past.  With studies showing a large percentage of younger people viewing Socialism favorably there is a very good chance our nation will be fundamentally transformed to the far left, just as former President Obama promised.  Morally, socially and economically our nation may look radically different.

These days many Christian Churches in America seem more willing to embrace secular culture instead of fighting its moral decline.  Combined with a leftist media, education system and government starting to badger and intimidate Christians into silence, we might expect a coming major schism within American Christianity, dividing churches into two camps:  Those faithful to God and His Word and those who submit to “Caesar” to maintain his favor and protection.

Pastor Randy White joins us this morning to discuss the top five debates we face economically, politically and spiritually as a nation… a debate that will define our future.