Sexuality and The Church in America

There is no doubt we live in a sexually-charged society. God has given us clear definitions and teachings about sexual relations and gender, but society has brought confusion, and many people - young and old - are suffering the consequences. Homosexuality is practically accepted and promoted and young people especially, are facing depression and emptiness because they have become confused about their God-given gender.

God's Word gives us all the knowledge and instruction we need to correctly understand sexuality. It provides the answers to everyone's questions but for some reason, with our culture rapidly deteriorating and even sincere Christians facing sexual challenges, some believe that the church has been generally silent.

Are pastors responding to sexual challenges within the church and society? And if not, why? Daniel Weiss of Brushfires Foundation joins us to share the findings from a comprehensive study about if and how pastors and churches are meeting the challenges of church members and society regarding sexual questions and confusion.