The Cesspool of American Pop Culture

In previous generations, children could just enjoy being young and relatively carefree. They were able to actually go outside and play and put off until later the responsibilities and pressures of adulthood. But today’s children have not only become addicted to social media, but also political pawns of the left, helping advance the culture of sin and depravity. Hollywood and government schools are submerging young minds into a world view that directly opposes God and His Word.  In the coming years, as this younger generation becomes adults and leaders in society, we will see the damage that was done.

Tina GriffinCounter Culture Mom, joins us to expose some of he darkness and look at ways parents can be educated about pop culture and protect our children from a world looking to destroy them spiritually.

And in our final segments, we address the continued censoring of Christian messages on Facebook, and a report of a child being sexually assaulted in a bathroom of a Target Department Store.  Target was one of the first department store chains to allow people to go into the bathroom or changing room of their choice, depending on what gender they “felt like” on any particular day.  Are these stories being covered up at the risk of our children being sexually manipulated and attacked?

First Segment Topics:

  • The new Roseanne show is getting rave reviews however, there are major concerns about the show. Many conservatives are loving it, but are missing the main messages this show is promoting that go against God’s word.

  • Corey Feldman was stabbed and attacked by three men Tuesday night. Tina did a video three months ago urging people to pray for his protection. He has been exposing the pedophile ring in Hollywood. Listen to the podcast for more.

  • Recap on Save a Nation tour – talks are now to hit every state. Excellent conference kicked off a week ago.

Christian movies exploding in theaters?

God’s Not Dead 3 was just released, Paul, Apostle of Christ is  in theaters plus, have you heard about the amazing success of  I Can Only Imagine (it is beating out many Hollywood films with bigger budgets and marketing!)? For example, the Hollywood favorite, gay coming-of-age movie Love, Simon movie has been pushed by major celebs. Several actors have been buying out theaters, telling kids they can see the movie free which promotes the LGBT movement to these movie goers. :( 

Don’t follow elite queen of New Age, Oprah! (hot topic last week on Tina’s Facebook)  Truth for her is HOW YOU FEEL, not based on scripture. So many are led astray by this woman. (Need to keep her in prayer.)