Listener Comments and Questions Keep Coming

Every Friday Mike and David address whatever issue you want to discuss. Send yours to us early as the hour fills up extremely fast each week. Here we go!

  • What if we as Christian parents do everything right and our children still stray from God and the truth?

  • Gender confusion – a departure from Genesis and creation

  • The danger of open theism – wait, what the heck is “open theism”?

  • How can we respond to young people who use excuses for not going to church such as, ‘Christians are hypocrites’?

  • Should I have any concerns about Rick Warren?

  • What’s wrong with church growth and running a church like a business?

  • Why do so many pastors think they have to be so positive, loving, and encouraging without balancing out their sermons with righteousness, holiness, judgment, wrath, and repentance?

  • How do you distinguish between teachers who are heretics or those who are simply committed liberals and have wrong opinions of doctrine?

  • Does the United Church of Christ (UCC) believe in or worship a false Jesus?

  • In Revelation, what do the seven lamp stands represent?

  • What will happen to those deceived by the dangerous prosperity message when they have an economic crisis or serious trial in their lives?