The Pressure to Conform

Children of this younger generation face enormous pressures to conform to the ways of this world that many of us never imagined or had to deal with.  They are being taught that at the very least they should be accepting of any and all behaviors, lifestyles, and morals, and even approve of anything but Christ (ABC). In many cases, they are being pressured to conform to unhealthy lifestyles or be ostracized and labeled a hater and bigot.

Today, Mike and David look at more studies that have come out documenting this pressure to conform to the world – along with a few scientific studies pointing out the dangers of gender dysphoria and the media’s attempts to hide the findings from the public by reporting an extremely unbalanced (LGBTQ-approving) side of these stories.

Joining us to discuss this increasing pressure on young people is Tina Griffin, Counter Culture Mom, a conservative Christian activist who helps parents guard their children against the deceptions and evils of this secular society.


On today’s culture update, our Talking Points include:

  • An update from Tina on the Save A Nation Tour

  • Angela Zatopek from Houston, TX went on a reality TV show and was told she is not a “modern woman” because she is a virgin and planning to stay pure prior to marriage one day

  • Tina recently shared a segment by conservative author and commentator, Michelle Malkin about data mining on students.

  • The sad but massive influence godless celebrities such as Ariana Grande have on young girls, (yes, this includes young CHRISTIAN girls). We discuss her mocking of Jesus and promotion of her song about God being a woman.

  • There are always concerns about video gaming and related sites, but the latest dangers warned about involve a site called, “Stream,” and another game called “Momo” has led to a few teen suicides.

  • Texas billboard promoting abortion and targeting black babies