Christian Devotional Studies: Clarity or Confusion?

A lot of Christians study “Devotionals” as part of their daily routine.  In some cases it has replaced reading and studying God’s Word in depth as we become busier and busier and always looking for that “quick fix” instead of a deep, intensive study of God’s Word.

That is certainly not to say that all devotional studies are bad or wrong; but a devotional written by men will often have the slant or perspective of the writer and may or may not accurately reflect God’s message on the subject studied.  The best devotional study we can partake in is one directly from the Bible itself since it is breathed out by God and eternal truth.

Pastor Jeff Solwold of Calvary Chapel Church in Madison joins us to discuss daily devotionals for Christians and how to use God’s Word to gain the wisdom and insight we need to navigate life in these challenging times.  Pastor Jeff can be heard weekdays at 5a.m. here on Q90 FM Christian Truth Radio.  Jeff also discusses the importance of understanding God’s unique relationship with Israel.