Education Matters: The Battle For Truth

Satan and this fallen world has an agenda to conform us into its image.  God also has an agenda. Disciples of Jesus Christ are to be transformed into His image in thought, word and deed.  Obviously these are mutually exclusive agendas, so it’s difficult if not impossible to find a compromise between these conflicting agendas.  Today we look at one of the powerful tools the enemy uses to advance his godless agenda: public education.  Mike and David are joined by Dr. Duke Pesta of Freedom Project Media and the Dr. Duke Show to see how government-run schools and progressive universities are putting the squeeze on anyone who does not conform to its humanist views.

We discuss the  sad but not surprising news from the U.S. Senate vote Monday in which Democrats refused to even recognize that a baby surviving an abortion is entitled to life and medical care.  We also look at the decision made yesterday by the divided United Methodist Church regarding its stance on same-sex marriage and LGBTQ clergy.



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