Is American Christianity Selling its Soul?

The abandonment of God's Word and principles by leaders of American Christianity continues to kick into higher gear with each passing year.  Willow Creek's Global Leadership Summit continues to bring in speakers who defy God's Word and Law, elevating them as leaders that Christians should emulate.  And now the National Association of Evangelicals invites House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to speak to Christian College professors about the need for Evangelicals to support her fight against legal immigration policies and common sense.

This is the same Nancy Pelosi who at every opportunity supports legislation leading to more and more abortions, and a professing Catholic that is allowed to remain a Catholic in good standing in spite of her support of infanticide that has slaughtered more than 60 million children in their mother's womb.  Has the leadership of American Christianity completely sold the "church" out by compromising with and embracing an anti-biblical world view?

In our first segment, Mike and David talk about Christianity and athletics with our guest Kellen Cox of Fellowship of Christian Athletes.