Time to End Silence From the Pulpit

The Church either affects secular culture (salt and light) or it is influenced by it.  The former is part of the Great Commission; the latter is leading to confusion that will lead many into a false sense of salvation.  The Christian Church should be a spiritual bulwark to stand in opposition to the murder of children and the societal confusion surrounding marriage, sexuality and gender.  Instead a growing number of pastors and churches choose silence for fear of being seen as judgmental or unloving.  In the meantime, our silence from the pulpit has ushered in a sad transformation in the opinions of professing believers on abortion and same-sex marriage, with more than half approving of them.

In our third segment, we share an article by Shane Idelman challenging pastors to speak boldly from the pulpit in addressing the increasing sin and depravity of American culture. In segment two, we discuss the growing sex and racism scandals involving Virginia Democrats, and the double standards of the media and the court of public opinion.

In our first segment we are joined by Julaine Appling of Wisconsin Family Council to highlight some key points from President Trump's State of the Union address, including his bold challenge to Congress to pass legislation banning partial birth abortion.



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