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Listener Questions & Comments – Lots of Them!

Today is Q&A Friday when we hear from our brothers and sisters in Christ regarding many diverse topics. We love hearing from you and appreciate every question and comment, even if you do not always agree with us. Thank you so much for the opportunity to tackle so many important issues!

Here are some of the things we discuss today:

  • Should Christians read the book Jesus Calling?

  • Unconstitutional SOGI laws and “non-discrimination” policies increasing

  • The hostile environment Christians face in the public school system

  • Charismatics, and spiritual gifts such as speaking in tongues

  • Benny Hinn and the ‘prosperity’ non-gospel; name it, claim it

  • What is biblical submission?

  • Does the parable of the wheat and the tares apply to the church or the world?

  • What is the proper meaning or description of ‘meditation’ for a Christian?

  • Good and bad about discernment ministries

  • The apostasy of the Willow Creek Leadership Summit

An Insider’s Look at the Prosperity Gospel Movement

Benny Hinn is one of the best-known purveyors of the dangerous Prosperity Gospel movement.  He has made wild, unfounded claims, twisted scripture to its breaking point, and proclaimed  “prophecies received from God” that have not come true.  The Bible says that is the first sign of a false prophet.  Hinn lives a life of luxury built on the backs of naive followers who want the alleged anointing and the riches that the Prosperity Gospel promises if you just have enough faith.

Hinn’s nephew Costi was on the inside of the movement for years, but God has delivered him from its grip; and now Costi is speaking out against the dangerous teachings of Uncle Benny’s organization.  This morning we cover Costi Hinn’s discussion with Justin Peters about his journey into and out of this dangerous heresy.

As with all people who are deceived by a false gospel, we pray that God will open their eyes to the deception and help them see the true nature and character of God.