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We offer courses to help build and strengthen your relationships. We will dig deep into the root causes for many of our interactions with other people. This program is designed to help you see how God has made you, and how, if we allow Him, He can transform our view on relationships. Start a course today to see how your relationships will transform in just a single week!

The Heart's Desire Series ($34.95)

No one can know the heart of a person. But, we can see what is in the heart by watching how a person reacts to life’s circumstances.  The heart has desires and these desires drives our behaviors. In this chapter, we will talk about the hearts attributes, desires, expectations and how faith is developed. Lastly, how do we change our hearts?  Join us for a discussion on your heart.


The Root of Behavior Series

Where does my behaviors come from? Why do I do the things I do?  Why do I hurt the very people I love the most? What inner beliefs drives my feelings and needs? All questions that we explore as we look for the roots of our behavior. What is my heart seeking?  Something fundamental drives me and how I react to people or circumstances out of my control.

Entire Beyond Belief Curriculum

The Beyond Belief curriculum is designed to transform your relationships by replacing the lies the heart believes with the Truth of God Word.  You are who Jesus says you are!  Once you have a full understand of what it means to live life abundantly, your behavior changes and your relationships improve.  No longer do you have to wonder why you do the things you do.  Or, what motivates you to react to circumstances instead of thinking them through.  Freedom to “Enjoy God and Enjoy Others” is a course away.