Chapter 1 - The Heart's Desire

No one can know the heart of a person. But, we can see what is in the heart by watching how a person reacts to life’s circumstances.  The heart has desires and these desires drives our behaviors.  In this chapter, we will talk about the hearts attributes, desires, expectations and how faith is developed.  Lastly, how do we change our hearts?  Join us for a discussion on your heart. 


Episode 1.1.0 - The desire's of the heart

Each of us has desires. Desires for ourselves, others, or maybe a job.  Whatever it may be, we behave, talk, feel and act according to the desires that originate in our hearts. In this video, and the discussion videos that follow, we will learn our heart desires come from two places and that we have the ability to guard our hearts.  Your life comes from the heart!

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Episode 1.2.0 - attributes of the heart

When we behave poorly toward others or towards ourselves, we need to look at three attributes of the heart that can cause these behaviors.  Open your Bibles to Jeremiah 17:9 to read about them and then view the videos that will give you more detail..

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Episode 1.3.0 - Expectations PT. 1

Expectations can drive us toward good or evil when it comes to interactions with others.  Healthy expectations are key to a fulfilling life, while negative reactions to unmet expectations can ruin relationships and enjoyment of God and people. 

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Episode 1.4.0 - Expectations pt. 2

Are my expectations based in reality or in false expectations of God or others?  Ask yourself, what are my relationships based in? Are my beliefs driving me away from God and other people? What do I need to do to bring me back into right relationships?  Are my expectations part of my problems?

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Episode 1.5.0 - Faith

The heart of man is designed to put its faith in something.  The questions for each of us to consider is, what has my heart placed its faith in?  Whatever, that is, it will drive our behaviors.  So, join us in examining faith and how important it is in our lives

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